Shipping Policy

Shipping prices and logistics will be conveyed and charged at the time of a "final quote" for Group Buys such as the R2 Kyuu. The current "Free Shipping" price is simply put in place to prevent any extra charges than necessary!


R2 Kyuu GB will be done when all order configurations and options have been submitted and confirmed, and shipping will be charged in the manner of Protocol One or Protocol Two. For Protocol One, this only applies to direct and combined orders and your order will be shipped straight from the manufacturer (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc) and will be fulfilled and shipped when production is finished. For Protocol Two, an initial charge will be sent out for your share of the shipping price of the bulk shipment to your proxy, and a secondary charge will be sent for domestic shipping within your proxy's country (and local pickup is free unless announced otherwise - must be agreed upon by proxies and proxy users).


All shipping invoices for Protocol One and Two will be made under my business PayPal:
Always verify the email address invoicing you from PaperSky LLC is correct, and I am not liable for any losses due to getting scammed by an imposter.